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All videos are closed captioned for our deaf friends.

29. Final rebuttal on the endless Messiah Denier arguments (10:10)
28. Explaining Yeshua the Nazarene - Matthew 2:23 (10:16)
27. Taking on traditional Judaism - part 3 (7:50)
26. Taking on traditional Judaism - part 2 (7:25)
25. Taking on traditional Judaism - part 1 (7:14)
24. Let's talk about Yahweh's Appointed Times. (7:47)
23. Let's talk about Christmas! (8:29)
22. God declared all foods "clean"? (8:08)
21. The AENT. (6:44)
20. "Where do I start?" (6:32)
19. What does it mean to be "Set Apart"? (9:04)
18. Challenging the "Freedom from Religion Foundation". (7:17)
17. What does Scripture say about homosexuality? (13:39)
16. Deliberate Sinning. (7:21)
15. Be holy because I am holy. (5:27)
14. John 3:16 and Matthew 22:38 (6:08)
13. Let's talk about "Tebowing"! (6:47)
12. Continuation of: Is Reality Check bashing Christianity? (7:14)
11. Is Reality Check bashing Christianity? (6:25)
10. Did Jesus really suggest He came to abolish His Father's Torah? (7:15)
9. Okay, so which of those "613" commandments can we still keep today? (6:41)
8. But doesn't Acts 15 tell us Christians don't have to bother with Torah? (6:53)
7. Torah wasn't just for "the Jews"...and neither was God. (5:43)
6. But...wasn't Torah just for the Jews? (9:10)
5. From the beginning God gave us Torah. (6:36)
4. Mankind's first sin and its deadly consequences. (7:19)
3. In the beginning... God commanded that the Seventh Day be set apart. (7:09)
2. In the beginning...the entire universe obeyed the Creator. (7:18)
1. Intro: What you will learn in these videos. (5:11)

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